Horizon 2020 applications

SME instrument

The SME Facility is dedicated to Small and Medium Enterprises,
as part of the Horizon 2020 Community Framework Program.

It represents a new approach to supporting SME innovation activities and thus supports a wide range of innovation activities and helps to increase the economic impact of project results. It aims to launch companies into new markets, promote growth and create a high return on investment.

The SME Instrument is divided into 3 phases:

Phase 1

Evaluation and Feasibility Study and Business Plan

Phase 2

Implementation and technical validation of the Idea

Phase 3


Phases 1 and 2 are funded directly by the H2020 , through a lump-sum to € 50,000, and Phase 2 innovation actions that normally require funding between EUR 0,5 million and EUR 2,5 million, although the presentation and selection of proposals requesting another amount is not precluded.

The instrument also provides for the monitoring by a Coach for innovation management And internationalization of the company (they are offered up to 3 days in Phase 1, and up to 12 days in Phase 2).


Warmhole supports SMEs in applications for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 by conducting a series of activities, which include:

1. Technical Diagnostics

Analysis of the internal and external environment, technical definition of products, market opportunity and characterization of priority investments.

2 Assessment and evaluation

Assessment and evaluation of products and services, market characterization and competition, elaboration of commercial strategy and approach to the market.

3. Strategic Diagnostics

Preparation and adaptation of the Strategic Diagnostics and other studies to the applications under Horizon 2020.

4. Submission of the application

Completion of the application form and proposal for Horizon 2020 and submission of it.

5. Support

To follow the process of the evaluation process of the applications, providing full cooperation to the client in additional clarifications and preparation of documents.

6. Follow-up on implementation

Follow-up of the Investment Projects during its execution.

Beginning of Evaluation

SME Instrument - Phase 1

SME Instrument - Phase 2

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