Energy Efficiency Consulting

Plans for Energy Efficiency and
Rationalization of Energy Consumption


Plans of Energy Efficiency and Rationalization of Energy Consumption

The energy efficiency analysis of systems or buildings is the first step towards improving existing systems as well as usage habits.The improvement of energy efficiency is aimed at reducing operating costs but also increasing comfort. Other aspects such as energy class can also be improved, having this impact in the evaluation of a property and even in taxes payable.In order to reduce energy consumption, but also the intensity of the emission of carbon dioxide and other polluting gases, and to increase the level of energy efficiency, it is essential to draw up an Action Plan for Energy Efficiency and Rationalization of Energy Consumption.


Warmhole offers its services in the area of energy efficiency, according to the specific requirements and needs of each client, including:

1. Analysis

Detailed analysis of the installation, existing equipment and energy consumption

2. Identification

Identification of critical areas of action to increase energy efficiency

3. Action plan

Elaboration of an action plan with detailed energy efficiency measures, with technical characteristics, investments and quantified savings

4. Installation

Suggestion of tariff optimization, contracted power and efficient use of the facility, allowing immediate savings without investment

Building Simulation and Energy Certification


Building Simulation and Energy Certification

                            Community objectives stipulate in the short-medium term an increase in the energy efficiency of buildings in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.                                                  

                            In Portugal, in recent years there has been a decrease in this energy indicator, although it is still higher than the European average.                                                  

                            The high energy intensity registered in Portugal, compared to other European countries, is mainly due to the Residential and Services sectors. About 30% of the final energy consumption is registered in the buildings of these sectors, reason why, the necessity arises to increase the level of energy efficiency registered in the same ones.                         


We develop our service according to the best practices of the market, including a series of work phases, which culminate in the assignment of the Energy Classification to the Building.

1. Note

Through the visit to the existing building or the plans of the projects, we raise the constructive characteristics of the buildings and the surroundings.

2. Evaluation

We evaluate the profiles of use according to the type of building, consumptions, energy needs and the technical characteristics of the equipment.

3. Simulation

We proceed to the energy simulation of the behavior of the building, through specific software.

4. Results

We compare the results of the simulation with the applicable legal requirements

5. Certification

We assign the Certificate of Energy Classification

6. Improvement actions

Due to the Energy classification of the Building, we have indicated and quantified measures and actions of energy efficiency, that allow an improvement in the certification building

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