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Our focus is to provide the best solution to the client through the study (technical and economic-financial feasibility), projection, sizing and budgeting of the solutions that best fit and satisfy the requirements and needs of the client, accompanying it in all phases , until the completion of the project.


Distributed Production

Distributed Production

In Distributed Production, through energy conversion technologies (eg photovoltaic panel and aerogenerator), electricity is generated from other sources of energy in a decentralized way.



It is a network that adds several microphones of modular power generation, presenting themselves as great solutions for places where energy availability is nonexistent and / or presents considerable weakness.

Isolated Systems

Isolated Systems

They are grid-independent systems that convert energy or heat into electricity, with the use of energy storage elements to provide greater autonomy and energy availability.

Solar Thermal Systems

Solar Thermal Systems

They are a technology that converts energy from solar radiation into heat by heating the water circulating (naturally or forcefully) in a hydraulic circuit.


We identify customer needs;

We devise a technically and economically viable solution;

We select the most suitable technology and equipment for the solution;

We provide and install the system;

We instruct the customer on how to use them;

We guarantee the follow-up and maintenance of the installation.


Warmhole solutions are designed according to the of the client, having a number of benefits at the level:


Contributing to the energy sustainability of the planet, taking advantage of endogenous energy resources, reducing emissions of pollutant gases.


Using the best technologies and equipment that are available in the market, in order to optimize the process of energy production.


The size of Wormhole's supplier network allows us to practice highly competitive installation prices.


Investimento de baixo risco e de elevada rentabilidade, com um períodos retorno do investimento de 7/8 anos.


Oferecemos as melhores garantias para os equipamentos e serviços prestados (instalação, manutenção, etc.)


Through protocols with leading financial institutions, Wormhole offers tailor-made financing solutions.

Renewable Energy Consulting

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