SI Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Incentive System for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

SI Inovação aims to promote innovation in the business fabric, through the production of new goods, services and processes that support its progression in the value chain and the reinforcement of its orientation to international markets, as well as the introduction of improvements technology, creation of production units and stimulation of qualified entrepreneurship and structuring investment in new areas with growth potential.

Incentive System for Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Projects can take three forms:

Qualified and Creative Entrepreneurship Project

The type of innovation investment to be supported corresponds to the creation of start-up companies or companies (up to 2 years), classified as SMEs.

SME Productive Innovation Project

The project should promote innovation in the business fabric, through the production of new goods and services and processes that support its progression in the value chain, with a clear focus on enabling structural adjustments in companies and which contribute to strengthening the positioning of companies in international markets.

Non-SME Productive Innovation Project

Reinforcing business investment in innovative activities, promoting the increase of tradable and internationable production and changing the productive profile of the economic fabric; and contribute to the internationalization and tradable orientation of the Portuguese economy and to the creation of qualified employment, as well as generating a dragging effect on SMEs.

The following typologies of productive innovation investment are supported:

Qualified and Creative Entrepreneurship Projects:

​​ Projects with less than two years in sectors with strong growth dynamics and / or sectors with greater technological intensity and knowledge or that value the application of results of I & D.

Establishment of companies with qualified human resources, of companies that carry out activities in sectors with strong growth dynamics and / or sectors with greater intensity of technology and knowledge or companies that value the application of R & D results in the production of new goods and services.

Productive Innovation Projects SME and Productive Innovation Non SME

​​ Production of new goods and services or significant improvements of current production through transfer and application of knowledge.

​​ Adoption of new or significantly improved processes or manufacturing methods. *

* NOTE: PME includes logistics and distribution as well as organizational methods

The investment project must comply with the following general conditions of eligibility:

To start, in terms of physical execution, after the date of the application or the decision granting incentives,

Do not include expenses prior to the application date, with the exception of signaling advances related to the project, up to 50% acquisition costs and expenditure on previous studies, provided that they have been completed less than one year.

To be sustainable by strategic company analysis and to present a cost-benefit analysis that evaluates, on an incremental basis, all project impacts, regional, financial, economic, social and environmental.

Demonstrate the incentive effect.

Start the project within a maximum of 6 months and have a maximum execution time of 24 months.

The following expenses are considered eligible:

Tangible assets:

Costs of acquisition of machinery and equipment, including necessary costs of location and installation.

Acquisition costs of computer equipment, including software required for its operation.

Intangible assets:

Incorporated by transfer of technology through the acquisition of patent rights, licenses, know-how or technical knowledge not protected by patent and standard software or developed specifically for an end and in the case of non-SME companies these expenses can not exceed 50 % of eligible project expenses.

Other investment expenditure:

Other investment expenses up to 20% of the total project or 35% for Entrepreneurship projects;

Engineering services related to project implementation;

Acquisition of services of execution of land register of the buildings in which the operation or the project is focused (includes rental of equipment);

Training of human resources in the framework of the project (training and staff costs).

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