CSI Research & Technological Development

CSI Research & Technological Development

SI I&DT aims to intensify the national RTD effort and the creation of new knowledge with a view to increasing the competitiveness of companies (valuing them economically), promoting the investment of companies in R&D, the creation of synergies between companies, R & D centers and the higher education sector.
I&DT projects may include Industrial Research activities and / or experimental development.

CSI Research & Technological Development


The following typologies of projects are encouraged:

I & D projects promoted by companies, which include activities of industrial research and experimental development;

Demonstration projects for advanced technologies and pilot lines;

Programs mobilizing scientific and technological capabilities, with high technological content and innovation, and with significant impacts at various levels;

R & D centers, with a view to creating or strengthening internal skills and capacities of R & D companies;

Intellectual and industrial property projects;

I & amp; D internationalization through preparation and submission of applications to European-wide R & D programs and I & amp; I funded programs by the EU;

Vale I & D, for the acquisition of consultancy services in research and technological development activities, as well as technology transfer services (75% lost fund support, up to a maximum of € 15,000 per project).

The investment project must comply with the following general conditions of eligibility:

To commence, in terms of physical execution, after the date of the application or the decision to grant incentives, respecting the applicable regulations;

Present economic-financial feasibility and, where applicable, adequately financed by equity;

Do not include expenses prior to the date of application, with the exception of signaling advances related to the project, up to 50% of the cost of each acquisition, and expenses related to previous studies, provided they have been carried out for less than one year;

Initiate the execution of the project within a maximum period of six months after the notification of the financing decision;

Insert into the priority areas of the strategy of the Research and Innovation Strategies. ;

The following expenditure is considered eligible:

Expenses with technical staff of the promoter engaged in R & D activities, including scholarship-hired fellows (may include basic salary, exemption from working hours, mandatory social charges);

Acquisition of patents to or from external sources at market prices (limit of 20% of total eligible expenses);

Raw materials, consumables, and components necessary for the construction of pilot / experimental / demonstration facilities and for the construction of prototypes;

Acquisition of services to third parties, including technical, scientific and consulting services;

Acquisition of scientific and technical instruments and equipment essential to the project and which are exclusively allocated to the project during the execution period;

Acquisition of specific software for the project;

Expenses with the promotion and dissemination of the results of product or process innovation projects, including registration and rental of spaces at national fairs or abroad (limit of 5% of total eligible expenses, up to a limit of € 30,000);

Travel and stay abroad to promote and disseminate the results of the project (maximum limit of 5% of total eligible expenses, or up to € 15 000. Travel limit is € 1,500 in Europe and € 3,000 outside Europe) ;

Expenses with the certification process of the Research, Development and Innovation Management System, including consultancy fees, training and process instruction with the certification body;

Expenses with the intervention of technical-scientific auditor;

Expenses with the intervention of official accountants or statutory auditors (limit of € 5,000);

Indirect Costs (limit of 25% direct eligible costs, excluding subcontracting costs).

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