SI Qualification & Internationalization

The SME qualification IS, aims to support organizational innovation, applying new organizational methods and processes, and increasing flexibility and responsiveness in the global market, with the use of intangible investments in the area of competitiveness. (SMEs), aims at the development of internationalization, valuing the immaterial factors of competitiveness, allowing to boost the increase of its base and export capacity.

Incentive System for Qualification and Internationalization


The investment project must comply with the following general eligibility conditions for individual projects:

Have the application date prior to the date of commencement of work, with the exception of advances up to 50% of the cost of each acquisition and the cost of the studies of feasibility for less than 1 year;

Have a maximum duration of execution of 2 years;

Present economic-financial viability.

The following expenses are considered eligible:

New organizational methods:



Hiring a maximum of 2 new nonproductive technical staff.

Fairs / Exhibitions:

Space rental, costs with water, electricity, communications, catalog inserts, translation services / interpreters.

Construction of the stand: Construction and assembly, rental of equipment and furniture, transport and handling of displays, materials and other promotional media.

Function of the stand: Travel and accommodation services for representatives and translators / interpreters.

Specialized consultancy services provided by external consultants:

Prospecting and attracting new customers;

Promotion actions carried out in foreign markets;

Marketing campaigns;

Expenses with the intervention of statutory auditors or statutory auditors (up to 5000 € per project)

Technical assistance, studies, diagnostics and audits;

Costs with certification bodies and tests carried out by accredited laboratories;

Designing and registering new brands or collections;

Initial membership to e-platforms.

Obtaining, validating and defending patents and other intellectual property registration costs.

Training (training) of human resources.

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