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What do we offer you?

"Turnkey" products, services and technological solutions, of high quality, efficiency and reliability, of quality recognized by our customers, promoting and contributing to sustainable and sustainable development.

Why choose Warmhole?

We are a young, motivated and multidisciplinary team, formed by qualified professionals with great experience in engineering, management control, information technologies, support to entrepreneurship and technological innovation, focused on providing the market with a personalized service based on specific technical knowledge and Technological infrastructure.

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Warmhole difference

Why are we different?

Our projects are developed in constant interaction with the customer, and adjusted to their specific needs, with technical and technological solutions of added value, high efficiency and excellent value for money.

Certifications Obtained

Warmhole is certified by the eiC since September / 2017, in the following norms:

- NP EN ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management system;
- NP EN ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental management system;
- OHSAS 18001/NP4397 - Safety and Health at Work;
- NP 4457:2007 - Management System for Research, Development and Innovation;
- NP 4469-1:2008 - Social Responsibility Management System.

The Team

Department of Projects

Preparation and monitoring of projects under Portugal 2020 and Horizon 2020.

Department of Renewable Energies

We design and dimension energy-efficient solutions and measures.

Department of Information Technology

Development of solutions for management control according to the needs of each client.

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